Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm summary through Ch. 27

1. What 3 characteristics do The Lottery, Harrison Bergeron, and The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm have in common?

a. One characteristic is that the world that the people live in is supposed to be the perfect world. The Lottery's world is that the people live in a way that involves stoning someone to death yearly. The people in the world in Harrison Bergeron live having the people in anyway superior being brought down to all the other's level of intelligences. The world that The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm live in is that most of the cities live in a way that technology has taken over almost everyone's way of living.
b. Another characteristic is a person or idea is worshipped all the time. The Lottery's is that they have basically a lottery to see which person dies every year. Harrison Bergeron's is that everyone has to be brought down to the same intellectual level. The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm's is that technology is the thing that is making everyone live normally.
c.  The last characteristic is that propaganda is use to make the people of the society think a certain way. The Lottery's is that the people live in thinking that they have to stone someone to death yearly. Harrison Bergeron's is that everyone in a higher position that everyone else has to be brought down to the same level with different handicaps. The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm's is that technology controls people's lives to think that they need it all the time in order to live.

2. What is one characteristic that are obvious to see the 3 stories?

a. A characteristic that is obvious to see in The Lottery is citizens are expected to act the way that the empowerment wants them to. Every year in June, the people have a lottery to see who gets stoned to death. Each person gets a sheet of paper and one person has a slip with a black mark on it. Whoever has the black mark on their paper gets stoned to death.
b. A characteristic that is obvious to see in Harrison Bergeron is that propaganda is used to control citizens. Everyone in the society of this story is either at a low level mentality or physical appearance or the more mentally or physically superior are weighed down to the same level with certain types of handicaps. People who are more physically attractive are brought down with masks or other things to hide their appearance. People who are more intelligent have an earpiece to send loud sounds into their ears to lower their mentality.
c. A characteristic in that is obvious to see in The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm is that the people live in a dehumanized state. In the year 2194, technology in that society would be more advanced than its time. More advanced that it takes over everyone's entire lives. Robots are ordered to do simple things for the people such as cooking, cleaning, and using the telephone.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm: Plot Summary through Ch. 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei.

The children were captured in the city and was forced to work for the She Elephant. They had various and grueling jobs that was forced upon them for months. They were put down into tunnels and chambers to work on the various jobs. The vlei people; figures made out of trash to blend in with the ground, worked as well, having been for a long while. The children tried countless times to escape but failed, being put back in the chambers to work even harder.

2. Tell how the children escaped Dead Man's Vlei.

They had already tried multiple times to escape, but all to no avail. While working in a chamber, Tendai had found a ndoro in water. It had apparently helped him find a way out of the She Elephant's camp, a ladder going onto the surface and far away from the camp. When Trashman had been coming closer to the other children in a vegetable patch, he had taken Kuda and ran away with him in his arms. Rita and Tendai followed, leading them to a path of escape. The She Elephant and others had chased them until they were at the nearest city, her running back to her camp from apparently not trusting the city.

3. Tell what happened to the children in Resthaven.

Trashman and the children had reached the gate to Resthaven, the gatekeeper recognizing him and eventually letting the children into their city. Myanda had let the children have a bath and get settled into Resthaven, getting new clothes and being fed. While Rita was forced to work with the other women of the city, Tendai and Kuda were treated like the other men; higher and superior. When Chipo had her baby, there wasn't just one. There were two, a boy and a girl. The male being more superior, the city decided the baby girl was to be killed. Rita tried to fight back against the idea of the baby being killed but then got her and Tendai into a rite of punishment.

4. Tell how the children escaped Resthaven.

The punishment involved eating herbs and if they threw them back up; because they were so horrible, they were able to stay. But the spirit medium declared to have the children kicked out after Myanda falsely confessed that she was a witch, mainly in order to get them out faster.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm - Ch. 3

How is the Mellower different from the adults in this world? How is he trusted? How is he a contradiction?

The Mellower acts more childish than he should, being a grown man. He is trusted by being given pass cards to get inside their home. He's a contradiction by not acting the way an adult usually would.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm - Ch. 2

1. What do we know about the Mellower?
We know that he is trusted with this family, he smuggles things in for the kids, he's frequently late, and frequently forgets to complete things.

2. How does he NOT fit in with this family?
He seems more outstanding around these people and makes them feel relaxed by putting them in a trance-like state.